wp-SwimTeam Demo

This web site is the home of the wp-SwimTeam demo.  This site supports a ficticious swim team and their ficticious swim schedule.  Some of the opponents are real teams and are used simply for the purposes of demonstrationg various features of the wp-SwimTeam plugin.

What can wp-SwimTeam do?  Check out the full list of features on the About page or visit the plugin home page for all of the gory technical details as well as a history of the development of the plugin.

If you are interested in exploring the demo – feel free to register with this web site as a user.  Once registered, you can add swimmers to system just like any other parent or guardian would.  If you want explore the adminstration aspect of wp-SwimTeam you will need to be granted administation capabilities for your username.  Please contact the site Admin and request the proper permissions if you’d like to explore this.

The WordPress theme for this site is called Sandbox-SwimTeam.  It supports multiple color schemes and has numerous widget areas.  If you’d like to use this theme on your own Swim Team WordPress site, you can download it here.

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