RSA Meet Report

This post demonstrates the usage of the wpst_meet_report shortcode.  The shortcode allows the content of a meet report to appear in a page or a post.  There are numerous options to the shortcode, see the wp-SwimTeam documentation for details.

This example uses the following attributes:

  • meetid=’3′
  • profile=’y’
  • showmap=’y’
  • optinoptout=’y’
  • usefirstinitial=’y’
  • sortby=’swimmerlabel’

Club Profile
Team Name Wahoos
Club or Pool Name Raleigh Swim Association
Pool Length 25 Yards (8 Lanes)
Address 4904 Waters Edge Dr
Suite #155
Raleigh, NC
Primary Phone 919-859-4881

Meet Event Scratch: Raleigh Swim Association Wahoos Sat May 30, 2009
Name Swimmer Label Event Age Group Stroke Distance

0 swimmer(s) found.

Shortcode syntax used in this post:
[wpst_meet_report meetid="3" profile='y' showmap='y' optinoptout='y' usefirstinitial='y' sortby='swimmerlabel']