Are you involved with running a youth swim team? If so – does it run efficiently? If your team is like most, a loose collection of volunteers run your swim team doing many things by hand or with Word and Excel documents. You may even have some of your information on the web.


wp-SwimTeam is a WordPress plugin which makes the job of running a swim team a little easier by moving many tasks typically done by hand or with Excel to the web.  WordPress is primarily known as a blogging platform but it can do much more than that.  When you combine WordPress with the wp-SwimTeam plugin, you have a platform which allows you to easily communicate with your team and simplify many of the tasks required to run a swim team.

Other solutions?

There are number of software applications (e.g. WinSwim and Hy-Tek Meet Manager) which help teams run swim meets and track times and results but finding a solution to manage the logistics to manage eveything else, has been elusive.  If you are struggling with team registration, volunteers, scratches, and other similar aspects of running a swim team, wp-SwimTeam may help you out.

Why build on WordPress?

WordPress is a widely used publishing platform.  It is well supported, open source software which is easy to install, configure and deploy.  There is a wealth of add-ons to WordPress available for both new functionality (plugins) and presentation (themes).  Much of the work involved in running a swim team is communication and WordPress does this really well.

The other aspect, managing the data for the team, is accomplished with a plugin (wp-SwimTeam).  Instead of reinventing the wheel, wp-SwimTeam builds on top of WordPress and extends the data model so it can be used to capture swim team specific information.


wp-SwimTeam is a WordPress plugin which supports the following features:

  • Electronic Registration for Parents and Swimmers
  • Each Swimmer can have two Parents and/or Guardians
  • Up to 5 customisable fields for the Swim Team profile
  • Up to 5 customisable fields for the Swimmer profile
  • Seamless integration with WordPress registration and login
  • Define and Manage Seasons
  • Define and Manage Age Groups
  • Define and Manage Opponent Profiles
  • Define and Manage Meet Schedule
  • Report Generator
  • CSV Export for Reports and Roster
  • SDIF (SD3) Export for Roster
  • Short Code for Google Maps
  • Short Code for Opponent Profiles
  • Short Code for Meet Schedule
  • Short Code for Flickr Photo Gallery

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  1. Mike – I’d like to explore the demo but couldn’t figure out how to register on the site as if I were a parent (per suggestion above). I’d ultimately like to get the admin priviliges but wanted to start with a parent view first. Looks like I need an invitation code?

  2. Wondering if I could get a code to register on the site. If it is possible I would like to explore the admin functions available as I would be the administrator.

  3. Hi Mike, Looks like a great plugin. Would it be possible to get a code to be able to register on the site. I’d like to see how the admin side of things works. Thank you for considering this request and for taking the time to create a really helpful looking plugin. We’re in the midst of creating a new website for our pool and swim team there. This looks like a great option. Cheers, JB

  4. I would like to register for the demo. I would like to see if we could adapt the plug-in for our high school band registration.


  5. Mike

    Could I register for a demo please? I would like to use the plugin for our summer swim team site. What I want o evaluate is how much work would be needed to import results into this plug-in.

    Thank you for the great work.

  6. See you email for a registration code. Importing results back into wp-SwimTeam is one of the remaining gaps in the plugin. I did some work on results a couple years ago as a stand-alone application called Flip Turn (see Demo here).

  7. Mike, I sent you a comment on the flip-turn site. Please don’t release them with my info. I am interested in talking. Send me an email. Currently we use Team Unify, but I am looking at using some of your stuff here to add a better experience for our team.

  8. Hi, interested in trying this out. I’m actually interested in this for a diving club but figure that many features will be in common provided it is reasonably easy to customise.

    Code please!

  9. Can I have the invite code to register as admin please. Thanks for your work.

  10. May I also have the demo link please. And do you have any commerce compatibility options so that registration and payment can occur simultaneously?
    Thanks in advance!

  11. Check your email for the invite code. The wp-SwimTeam plugin does not have any sort of payment integration. What I know a few teams have done has been to set up a custom field to indicate payment status and then used it indicate when a registered user had made their payment.

  12. Check your email for a login. I have set you up as an “Editor” which allows you to do most things except change the options fore the plugin.

  13. I would like to try out the demo please. Interested in trying to use this for a homeschool group. Thanks.

  14. Hey Mike,

    First off I would like to request an access code to the site. Thank you!

    Second I have tried posting on your main site for the swimteam plug in, but it does not seem to be working (I have tried chrome, ff, and IE all with the same result. It says posting comment and then leave reply, but when I refresh the page nothing shows).

    I setup a testing subdomain so that I can fully play with the plugin. I have; however, run into a couple of issues:

    1. Even though I have a few age groups defined, I am still receiving a “No age groups defined” message…any ideas?

    2. What is the difference between Single vs. Combined age groups other than in fields offered?

    3. I have 2 swimmers created, signed up for the season, registered for events at different meets, but I am still seeing a “No swimmers found” message. Do swimmer have to have their own wordpress accounts?

    4. For events what is the difference between register and scratch (is one add and the other remove?)

    Thank you for your help on this!

  15. Have added you to system, check your email for access. As for your questions:

    1. Do you have a season defined and active? Are you age groups set up for both genders? Do your age groups overlap (e.g 6-10, 8-10)?
    2. A combined age group is essentially a super set of age groups. Some leagues have events which span age groups (e.g. 100 Free 10 & Under, 200 Free 11-18 when their normal age groups if 6 & U, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 or something similar).
    3. No, swimmers do no need their own WordPress accounts. Something sounds like it isn’t configured correctly, have you gone through the various options to be sure everything is set correctly? There are a lot of settings.
    4. The difference between Register (Opt-In) and Scratch (Opt-Out) is essentially the philosophy of how the club enters swimmers in events. Does your club assume all swimmers are participating unless they explicitly say they are not? Then you want to set up meets as a “scratch” event. Does your club require swimmers to confirm they are participating in order to be placed in an event? Then you should set up meets as “register” events. You can do this on a per meet basis. For our team, the majority of our league events were set up as “scratch” meets. Swimmers were assumed to be swimming and were seeded in events unless they explicitly scratched. We had 1-2 “optional” meets each season which only a portion of the team participated and we set them up as “register” events and only seeded the swimmers who explicitly stated they were swimming.

    Hope that helps. I have added you as a user on the demo site, check your email for access.

  16. Hey Mike!

    Thank you very much for the info! I found that I over lapped a couple of age groups which was causing the issue.

    I did want to ask if there was a way to turn off some of the css as the tabs and white color seem to be bleeding into other parts of the site. I have been playing with it but so far have not been able to track down the right area to adjust the css. If possible I would like to remove the Tab images and the forced white background.

    Once again thank you very much for all your help on this!

    P.S. Did it take a lot of effort to get your group to start using the site? Were their issues with them having to use the dashboard?

  17. The CSS for the tabs comes from the PhpHtmlLib plugin. The tab widget, list widget, and a few other things I use (e.g. forms) all come from PhpHtmlLib. In theory you should be able to override the CSS (Jetpack has a useful feature for doing this) and achieve the effect you’re looking for.

    There were no real issues with having our users work with the Dashboard and the WordPress Dashboard is far more useful and easy to understand than it was when I started this project. We had a document which walked users through the registration process with screen shots in it. There were still some mistakes but over the years, I was able to flush most of them out and improve the registration process. For our team, we had so many problems and mistakes with the paper registration process that most parents were happy to move to an online system. There will always be a subset of them who complain that it is too hard and want you to do it for them and for a number of them, we actually did it.

    I was lucky in that we have a set of laptop computers at work that I borrowed and set up at our swimteam open house for registration. That allowed people to register in person and for me and another parent to oversee the process and help anyone who was stuck. After the first year most people simply registered online. We just made a decision that the benefits of online registration far outweighed some of the concerns by a few of our less technically savvy parents. For our new families they never knew anything different so for them it was a non-issue.

  18. Mike,
    Thank you very much for the information! I overrode the information in the TabControlWidget.inc and fixed the issue. Things seem to be working now.

    Thank you again for all your help!

    One more question, does your team do online payments? We are stuck deciding if they want to stay with only taking checks or to use square. I am trying to see if there are other options out there and what other groups do.

    Thanks again!

  19. We did not do billing as the team I was with was part of a country club so the club handled the billing so payments was never anything I had to solve. The club’s controller would download a roster to Excel and imported it into the club’s billing system. It was largely transparent to me. That said, I’ve answered billing questions for the plugin many times. The best solution I’ve seen used “optional” fields, which can be included in reports, to track payment status. I think they used PayPal for online payments but it was not through the SwimTeam plugin.

    I’ve used Square for school booster club membership and it worked well. I’ve also used WooCommerce combined with PayPal. Unfortunately the payment area is one of the gaps in the plugin. It can be done but there will be some manual steps in the process.

  20. Greetings from Australia. Would I be able to get a code to try this out. Thanks in advance.

  21. Dear Mike,

    I am the secretary of the Sri Lanka Aquatic Sports Union, the NF in Sri Lanka. I’ve been on the lookout for a method to link our registered swimmers in our proprietary database with roster in the Hy-Tek database. Since we are not in the US we don’t have SDIF, but we could well use this format to export to Hy-Tek. Since you have now started adding this functionality, I’d like to explore this option on your plugin. Would it be possible for me to get a login ID?

    Many thanks in advance.

  22. Check your email for a new login for the site. You have “Editor” permissions which gives you access to most but not all the admin functionality.

  23. Check your email for a new login for the site. You have “Editor” permissions which gives you access to most but not all the admin functionality. SDIF actually has a quite a bit support for countries outside the US, you may want to look at the specification. This demo site is set up as a US site but one of the configuration options is for non-US or non-EU support.

  24. I have it installed to my wp and when I added a user to the swimmer team swimmer role. It shows up as a user but under swimmer it says No. How do I enter swimmers

  25. Check your email for a login to the demo site. Your user profile has permissions to do most things with the Swim Team plugin. You cannot change the options but can do just about everything else.

  26. Swimmers are separate from WordPress users. In the typical model, a WordPress user would be a parent or guardian who would then add their swimmers (normally their children) to the system. In a Masters type scenario, the user is also the swimmer and the system can support that model, there is a checkbox in the option section for it

    Check out the Two Minute Setup Guide and see if it gets you headed in the right direction.

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