Are you involved with running a youth swim team? If so – does it run efficiently? If your team is like most, a loose collection of volunteers run your swim team doing many things by hand or with Word and Excel documents. You may even have some of your information on the web.


wp-SwimTeam is a WordPress plugin which makes the job of running a swim team a little easier by moving many tasks typically done by hand or with Excel to the web.  WordPress is primarily known as a blogging platform but it can do much more than that.  When you combine WordPress with the wp-SwimTeam plugin, you have a platform which allows you to easily communicate with your team and simplify many of the tasks required to run a swim team.

Other solutions?

There are number of software applications (e.g. WinSwim and Hy-Tek Meet Manager) which help teams run swim meets and track times and results but finding a solution to manage the logistics to manage eveything else, has been elusive.  If you are struggling with team registration, volunteers, scratches, and other similar aspects of running a swim team, wp-SwimTeam may help you out.

Why build on WordPress?

WordPress is a widely used publishing platform.  It is well supported, open source software which is easy to install, configure and deploy.  There is a wealth of add-ons to WordPress available for both new functionality (plugins) and presentation (themes).  Much of the work involved in running a swim team is communication and WordPress does this really well.

The other aspect, managing the data for the team, is accomplished with a plugin (wp-SwimTeam).  Instead of reinventing the wheel, wp-SwimTeam builds on top of WordPress and extends the data model so it can be used to capture swim team specific information.


wp-SwimTeam is a WordPress plugin which supports the following features:

  • Electronic Registration for Parents and Swimmers
  • Each Swimmer can have two Parents and/or Guardians
  • Up to 5 customisable fields for the Swim Team profile
  • Up to 5 customisable fields for the Swimmer profile
  • Seamless integration with WordPress registration and login
  • Define and Manage Seasons
  • Define and Manage Age Groups
  • Define and Manage Opponent Profiles
  • Define and Manage Meet Schedule
  • Report Generator
  • CSV Export for Reports and Roster
  • SDIF (SD3) Export for Roster
  • Short Code for Google Maps
  • Short Code for Opponent Profiles
  • Short Code for Meet Schedule
  • Short Code for Flickr Photo Gallery

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  1. Hi Mike, I would be grateful if you could provide an activation code including that for administration as I am currently assessing options of using IT to support our swimming club – Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club.


  2. Check your email for a login, I have added a user for your email address. I added you as Swim Team Administrator which should allow you to play with the Swim Team stuff. Let me know if you run into any issues.

  3. Sorry for the very long delayed response, your request got lost in a bunch of spam comments. You should have an email from the demo site now.

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